Mondays and Wednesdays now have a theme! It’s official…… Come check them out!

Hi Everyone, and faithful stalkers, (you know who you are… wink*) 

So to keep things interesting, I have come up with a few themes for the days of the week. I’m only going to commit to two days a week so I won’t disappoint by getting too busy and missing a day here and there…  hey, I’m just being honest!!


To begin, I’m going to write a blog on Mondays I’ll call, Cleo’s Journal Mondays…

And the second day will be Wednesday, and be called “What to Wear” Wednesdays

Cleo’s Journal Mondays will basically just be a recap of my weekend. If I had sessions, I will talk about them, and what they were all about. I might write about things I did with my family and maybe some personal insights too=)…. I have lots to write about coming up in January and I hope the following months will be just as busy.

What to Wear Wednesdays, is going to be about you guessed it, what to wear to your photo session!!! Each week I’ll take either a trendy clothing item, outfit or accessory  and put up a link to the website where it can be bought. The most common type of clothing I will be highlighting is kids toddlers children and babies even! This blog category after all is in response to being asked so many times what to wear to family sessions. I love to make suggestions but this will give you a great idea of what type of things I love to see in photographs. Of course it’s just a suggestion or guideline if you will, but you can feel free to wear what ever you like to your sessions. Remember, I prefer not to photograph matching outfits, but in the end its your choice!!! Just remember, if you’re looking for someone to take your pictures in the family “uniform” I’m probably not the gal for you!!   white shirts with khaki pants…. no thank you.  lol…. okay Rant completed.

So the idea is to check back on Mondays for Cleo’s Journal, and Wednesdays to see what I’m picking for favs~!! 

For now, I leave you with this…


This is from a recent {Loved Ones} session I did. Hands..... by Cleopatra

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