let me tell you a story….. about my love….

So, today is my hubby’s Birthday “the big” 3-0

(sorry baby I had to say that..lol)

anyways… you know I love you always babe

 you and me together… we can do anything, baby 

 … here’s a little look into our history….

We’ve been together for 9 years today… well today is the day that we celebrate our relationship starting…

At 18 years old, I never expected to find love. I was nieve, but not that nieve

  Christopher, like noone could, preserved my sanity. He showed me there was so much more to the world than what I had seen, and told me he wanted to experience it all with me… It was literally like a romance novel… Me and my girlfriends joked about me saying things like… “No for real though… He’s not like those other guys…..”

I knew this was love from the very beginning… I remember thinking to myself after our first real date, how he was different.

 There was something that drew me to him… something about him… in his eyes

  I only expect this to be understood by those that have really experienced true passion and love, but

He made me look away first… I couldn’t stare at him and not stare into him, and it was overwhelming…I knew nothing about him and I wanted to know more 

Eventually he was the only thing on my mind… I was hooked,  I was his ” junkie”  … I was in love

9 years later….. we are still falling in love and evolving in love…

Remember Love IS simple… staying in love…. thats the challenge



Falling through time

we landed together

our hearts intertwined as one and now we are forever

with passion so deep, you run through my veins

sharing my laughs and feeling my pain

The heart inside me is the heart inside of you

 hands clenched, eyes closed, our love will make it through



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